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Spieth (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd is a leading exporter and supplier of medical equipment in China. With Progressive High-End Production Equipment , Senior Salesteam , Advantaged Technology and Good quality products. Our Products have paseed a Series of Certifications( CE /ROHS /FDA/ISO/ Medical Equipment Production Licence etc).

we engage in supplying competitive price and quality products to hospitals , clinics and other E-commercial Wholesaler and distributor, research institutions and universities. We satisfy our customers by offering comprehensive support, Pre-sales consultation, technical support, purchase order, transportation and after-sales service, and we are willing to serve more and more customers in the world, no matter you are distributor or end user, we are long for cooperate with you and be your long term partner.

We have been uphold Quality First, Service First, and Customer First. In the long term, we strive to create a national brand and complete the industrial transition and upgrading of hearing aid industry, in a desire to better serve a vast rage of the elderly and hearing-impaired population.

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Dengan filosofi "Superior teknologi, Delicate Kesehatan", Spieth internasional co kelompok., Ltd. adalah perusahaan produk medis terkemuka di Cina.

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