How To Choose The Right Hand Sanitizer?

The advantage of alcohol-based disinfectant Hand Sanitizer is that it is quick to use and refreshing. The disadvantage that alcohol is flammable and volatile, especially when it acts on the skin, it will cause the moisture in the skin to be evaporated, resulting in dry skin.

The non-alcohol-free disinfectant is mainly divided into several categories, and the added may be benzalkonium chloride, chlorphenesin, or some plant disinfection ingredients, which can play a certain disinfection role.

Specifically, if you want to choose an alcohol-based disinfection solution or a non-alcohol-based disinfection solution, you can check the instruction manual to confirm your needs and confirm whether the product is regular.

Relatively speaking, if it is in a hospital environment, the use of alcohol disinfectant is more common, if it is in a home environment, the use of ordinary no-hand sanitizer is more common.

Of course, ordinary people have a wide range of disinfectant products to choose from, and they do n’t have to choose no-hand wash alcohol disinfectants.

However, it is worth mentioning that when you use different disinfectants at home, you must be careful not to mix them. Once some disinfectants are mixed, they may cause toxic gases to be generated, and human inhalation will cause greater harm.

One kind of disinfectant can be used, there is no need to use too many kinds.

Medical alcohol disinfectant, medical disposable hand disinfectant, 84 disinfectant, peracetic acid disinfectant, potassium permanganate disinfectant, etc., can all play a disinfecting role.

Post time: Apr-07-2020