How to choose the right hearing aids?

1. Before buying a hearing aid


You should go to the hospital or a hearing aid professional fitting center with relevant qualifications for consultation and make a hearing assessment. It should include hearing inspection, hearing aid selection, computer debugging of hearing aids, etc., which must be operated by a professional fitter at a professional fitting point. In fact, fitting hearing aids is just like matching glasses. Improper glasses can cause vision loss. And hearing aids are the same. If you encounter some irresponsible vendors, you only know the sales, you do n’t know the professional fitting, and of course you will wear a discount.


Choose the right hearing aid type.


Optional hearing aids can be divided into box-type hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids, and customized hearing aids by type. Elderly hearing patients do not have high requirements for aesthetics, and the use of behind-the-ear hearing aids can ensure the hearing effect and be convenient to wear. Hearing aids must be adapted. Don’t expect to recover 100% of your hearing at once after you turn on your hearing aid. When first worn, the sound is relatively light, and it will gradually increase in the future. Use it indoors and then outdoors, and gradually adapt.


After wearing for one month


Go to the fitting center for debugging, and then arrange the subsequent debugging time according to the situation. Generally speaking, at least every year, you should go to a professional fitting center to test your hearing and re-adjust your hearing aids. Proper use, regular cleaning and testing of hearing aids can prolong the life of hearing aids.

Post time: Mar-12-2020