Spieth Hiking Trip: Building Team Cohesion and Personal Growth Through Collective Activities.

Collective activities have crucial meaning and motivation for the team developing and cleaning up obstacle. A company spring hiking activity that organized by my colleagues on Saturday left unforgettable impact upon my life because it was the first time for me to participate an activity since i had graduated from university.

We gathered at spot of our company building and took the tour bus to the destination. Splendid view of various terrains range from island, bay, plain to the mountain area in such a short distance witness the magnificence and complexity of China. Everybody became dizzy with the warm sunlight and cozy environment.

As we arrived at the Buddhist temple, it’s already the period of brunch. We take a short but comprehensive visit to the buddhist temple. The amazing hundred Buddhist hall demonstrate over three hundred buddhist statues with different features, expressions and gestures. Making people feel solemn and respectful whole-heartly. The temples and statues with different styles, like Indian style, western style,Thailand style and Chinmixed Dao traditional culture. But pitifully, we can’t see then biggest statute of the buddhist because it is still unfinished. We just can have a scan from a patch of the statute from the fundus.

With the coming of noo, the most attractive places came in to our scene. After way took the photos of company members, everyone obsessed to the parts like for themselves. People hanged out in this farm, harvest vegetables from the plot or just took a nap on the hammock. Leisure time comes after the volunteer barbecue and lunch time, people chatted under tents, enjoyed snacks, play cards, children chased after around the farm. The trip ended with a tired but comfortable seat sleep.

Everybody know more about each other during this trip especially for our newcomers, The ability of team cooperation and department duty charge been thoroughly implemented in this process. It gives power in next work and daily life,increase cohesion of the company. Each one benefits from this journey from different aspects.

Spieth Hiking Trip

Post time: Feb-22-2023