CIC Digital Hearing Aid Rechargeable Mini USB Cable Sound Amplifier

Short Description:

Hearing Aid With Rechargeable Batteries, Offers 3 different size of closed ear domes to make you feel comfortable, clear and no whistle. It is a one-size-fits-all type that doesn't require individual ear impressions.

  • Brand Name: spieth
  • Model Number: SP-DC-02-04-06-08-10R
  • Type: Digital Rechargeable CIC
  • Channel: 10 channel 12 brand
  • Fitting Range: ≤80dB
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    Technical Specification

    MAX OPSL90(dBSPL):111
    HFA OPSL90(dBSPL):107
    Peak Gain(dB):39
    HFA FOG(dB):34
    Frequency Range F1,F2:F1≤200Hz,F2≥7620Hz
    THD at:500Hz-0.8%,800Hz-0.8%,1600Hz-0.5%
    Eq.Input Noise Level(dB):20.2
    Battery Current Drain(mA):1.5
    Attack Time(ms):29
    Release Time(ms):46


    Noise Reduction:18dB
    Feedback Cancellation:Multi-modal
    Wind Noise Manager:5 level
    Loud Sound Block:5 level
    Maximum Output Control:AGC-O
    Fitting Range:≤80dB


    10 Channels, 12 Bands
    Intelligent Noise Reduction System (18dB)
    USB Rechargeable,Eco-Friendly and Economical
    Telephone Function
    Multi-modal Feedback Suppression System

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