BTE Digital RIC Hearing Aid Open Fit Style

Short Description:

RIC style, tiny in size but digital DSP chip with intellignt noise reduction, clear sound and comfortable to wear. Digital DSP chip with different indicator for low power, program switch, ON/OFF.

  • Brand Name: spieth
  • Model Number: SP-DR-04
  • Type: Digital RIC Hearing Aid
  • Channel: 4 Channel 12 Brand
  • Fitting Range: ≤80db
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    Technical Specification

    MAX OSPL90(dBSPL):110
    HFA OSPL90(dBSPL):105
    Peak Gain(dB):40
    HFA FOG(dB):34
    Frequency Range F1,F2:F1≤200Hz,F2≥6600Hz
    THD at:500Hz-0.3%,800Hz-0.2%,1600Hz-0.2%
    Eq.Input Noise Level(dB):25
    Battery Current Drain(mA):1.35
    Attack Time(ms):10
    Release Time(ms):47


    Processing System:Intelligent Multi-Core Digital Processing System
    Signal Processing Channel:multi-channel
    WDRC Channel:4
    Frequency Band:12
    Fitting Range: ≤80dB


    Intelligent Volume Recording System
    Noise Reduction System
    Feedback Suppression Function
    Low Battery Indicator
    Low Battery Consumption
    Intelligent Program Recording System

    SP-DR-04详情_01 SP-DR-04详情_02 SP-DR-04详情_03 SP-DR-04详情_04 SP-DR-04详情_05 SP-DR-04详情_06

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