Best receive in the canal (RIC) hearing aids

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Spieth is a professional hearing aid manufacturer and supplier that can provide you with high quality RIC hearing aids in a variety of styles at a great price.

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RIC hearing aids with high fidelity sound quality

RIC hearing aids are specially designed and use the latest Spieth technology to bring the sound closer to nature, with the following four features.

Ultra Wide Band – The speaker responsible for transmitting sound is cleverly pulled into the ear canal to transmit sound directly closer to the eardrum. This creates an ultra-wide bandwidth in the real ear, making the sound more three-dimensional and natural.

No ear blockage – Spieth provides ear pieces for audiologists to choose from that are suitable for different hearing and ear canal sizes, perfectly controlling the amount of airflow after wearing, so that patients no longer have the trouble of stuffy, self-sounding blocked ears.

Less whistling – RIC type hearing aids have a much lower chance of whistling due to the increased distance between the speaker and the microphone. With Spieth’s unique dual-track high-frequency remodeling and high-precision feedback blocking technologies, annoying whistling is nowhere to be seen.

No noise – Spieth RIC hearing aids are equipped with the characteristic full-time acoustic tracking system sound technology to cope with the ever-changing noisy environment, road, car, party. The full time sound tracking system provides comfortable and clear sound in a timely manner.


Specification of RIC hearing aids 

Peak Gain(dB) 40
HFA FOG(dB) 34
Frequency Range F1,F2 F1≤200Hz,F2≥6120Hz
THD at 500Hz-0.7%,800Hz-0.5%,1600Hz-0.5%
Eq.Input Noise Level(dB) 26.5
Battery Current Drain(mA) 0.88
Attack Time(ms) 7
Release Time(ms) 47
MASL(dB) 60


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