Silver Plated Copper Tinned Hearing Aid Litz Wire

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Pretinned Silver-plated copper alloy Lite wire Length: 30mm, Yellow, Diameter: 7 x 0.05mm One Box includes 1000pcs.

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    Silver-plated copper tinned hearing aid Litz wire is a specialized type of wire used in the construction of hearing aid components.

    Silver-Plated Copper:

    This refers to a copper wire that has been coated or plated with a layer of silver. Silver is used because it has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The silver plating enhances the electrical properties of the wire.


    Tinning is a process where a thin layer of tin is applied to the surface of the wire. Tin provides additional protection against corrosion and can improve solderability, making it easier to connect components.

    Hearing Aid:

    A hearing aid is a small electronic device that is designed to help people with hearing loss by amplifying sounds. Hearing aids consist of various electronic components, including microphones, amplifiers, and speakers, which are connected using specialized wiring like Litz wire.

    Litz Wire:

    Litz wire is a type of multistrand wire used for high-frequency applications. It is composed of multiple individually insulated strands of wire twisted or braided together. Each strand is insulated from the others, and this design reduces the skin effect and improves the overall conductivity of the wire, especially at high frequencies.


    In the context of a hearing aid, using silver-plated copper tinned Litz wire can be beneficial for several reasons:



    The silver plating enhances the wire’s electrical conductivity, ensuring efficient signal transmission within the hearing aid circuitry.


    Corrosion Resistance:

    Both silver and tin offer excellent resistance to corrosion, which is essential for the long-term reliability of hearing aids, as they are exposed to moisture and body oils.



    Litz wire’s multistrand design makes it flexible and easier to work with in the compact and intricate designs of hearing aids.


    Reduced Skin Effect:

    The design of Litz wire reduces the skin effect, which is a phenomenon where high-frequency signals tend to travel on the outer surface of a conductor. This is crucial in hearing aid applications, as they often deal with high-frequency audio signals.
    Overall, the use of silver-plated copper tinned Litz wire in hearing aids helps ensure high-quality audio performance, reliability, and longevity of these medical devices.


    Product Parameters

    Wire type Silver-plated copper alloy wire
    Insulation Polyurethane with nylon topcoat, Grade 2, heavy built
    Design Available in selected designs
    Applications Hearing aids, High-quality headphones, Medical equipment, Military equipment, earphone
    Colors Available in red, green, Yellow, blue, pink, black, Other colors can be customized
    Specifications Standard 1 x 0.18mm, 7 x 0.05mm, 7 x 0.032mm, 5 x 0.05mmOther specifications can be customized
    Length Custom defined. Min L= 6mm. Max L= 200mm. Length: 30mm
    Compliance RoHS

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