Hearing aids for the elderly with noise reduction

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Sound quality and comfortable listening. Lightweight and comfortable.

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Sound quality and comfortable listening

●High-quality German digital chip can achieve double noise reduction effect, can filter the surrounding noise, while amplifying the ambient sound, making the sound more clear.

●3 different frequency modes and 4 levels of volume adjustment, suitable for different hearing range.

●Hearing amplifier (hearing aids) not only has better double noise reduction and prevents whistling, but also has instant powerful sound intelligent ear protection; the miracle ear seen on TV.


hearing aids main structure

Lightweight and comfortable

●Adult hearing aids are compact and lightweight, comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear.

●Different sizes of medical material domes fit everyone, with cleaning tools to extend the service life.

●Ergonomic design,not easy to fall off. If the tube length can be cut, you can wear it at will regardless of the left and right ears, without the influence of glasses.




Peak Gain(dB) 67
HFA FOG(dB) 59
Frequency Range F1,F2 F1≤200Hz,F2≥5720Hz
THD at 500Hz-1.3%,800Hz-0.8%,1600Hz-0.2%
Eq.Input Noise Level(dB) 26.5
Battery Current Drain(mA) 0.96
Attack Time(ms) 2
Release Time(ms) 47
MASL(dB) 75

how to use hearing aids

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