Medical Sterile Isolation Protective Clothing

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Customizable medical sterile isolation clothing with zipper, Available in 4 sizes with polypropylene, suitable for handling infectious material or hospital.

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Material : 100% PP non woven materials or PP+PE /SMS
Size:  S,M,L,XL,XXL as your request
 Structure  and composition  The isolation clothing is made of SSMMS non woven composite fabric,The specification is 55gsm(that is the weight of SSMMS fabric is 55g per cubic meters)
  Gram: 55gram are available
  Color:  white
 Characteristic: 1)  light and breathable for body.2)  soft hand feeling and comfortable.3)  no stimulus to skin.4)  providing reliable barriers to water steam or blood and other fluids.5)  it can prevent pollution and the surface of this clothes without stains.
Scope of application  It is suitable for the general isolation of outpatient,ward and laboratory in medical institutions
Features 1. The sewing of the isolation clothing is moderately elastic, uniform in thickness and soft in hand2. The water level on the outer side of the isolation clothing shall not be lower than the requirement of level 33. Liquid barrier function: the hydrostatic pressure of key parts of the isolation coat shall not be less than1.67kPa(17cm H2O)                         4.The filtration efficiency of key materials and joints of the isolation coat to non oily parts shall not be less than 30%4. The air permeability of the isolation clothing is greater than or equal to 80mm/s
Package  1pcs/PP bag, 50pcs/carton

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