Correct selection of medical mask

The difference between medical masks and ordinary masks

Medical masks belong to special protective masks, which are self-priming filter protective masks, which have the function of dust masks, which can effectively block dust particles in the air and blood, virus and other microorganisms. Medical masks mainly provide respiratory protective equipment for medical nurses.

The more efficient medical masks are N95 masks, which have passed the NIOSH N95 certification of the United States. Good filter protection.

Ordinary gauze masks and cartoon masks are protective protective products. They only have a certain filtering effect on large particles in the air. The material requirements do not have a unified and strict standard. Therefore, there is no protective effect on viral flu. , Not recommended for everyone.

Choice of medical mask

For special viruses similar to H7N9, professional medical masks must be selected, which requires high quality standards for masks. The filter materials of medical masks must meet the effective barrier to viruses while providing good airtightness and moisture resistance, and No irritation to human skin.

If economic conditions permit, you can choose 3M1860 medical mask. This mask meets the N95 standard. The efficiency of filtering germ microorganisms and dust particles is greater than 95%. However, this medical mask cannot be cleaned, so the cost of use is higher. The mask price is around 15 yuan.

If N95 masks are out of stock or economic conditions are limited, you can also choose medical surgical masks, masks are generally green, the filtration efficiency is second only to medical protective masks, the price is about 3 yuan.

How to distinguish medical masks

The identification of medical masks is mainly considered from the appearance of the mask and the instructions attached to the product. When you get a medical mask, first check whether the outer packaging of the mask is damaged, whether the medical mask has an odor, and the size of the mask meets your face shape; secondly, check the manufacturer of the medical mask, product certification, and whether there are LA special labor protection products Logo etc.

Here we should remind everyone that professional medical masks cannot be used repeatedly after cleaning, but they are not disposable. Generally, N95 masks are maintenance-free masks, which can be sealed when not in use. Once the appearance of the medical mask is found If it is damaged or stained, it needs to be replaced in time. In addition, every time a medical mask is worn, it is necessary to detect the sealing performance of the mask.

Post time: May-29-2020