Did you know about tinnitus and how we can do?

Tinnitus is a subjective feeling of hearing sound in the ear or in the skull without the sound of the outside world. In a quiet environment, it is easier to feel the presence of tinnitus.

Tinnitus sometimes has no effect on people, and sometimes it interferes with you, causing psychological reactions such as upset, anxiety, and even depression, affecting work, sleep, and learning, and even pessimistic and losing confidence in life.

What should we do when there is tinnitus?

1.Be serious and scientific, actively seek the help of specialists, and investigate the cause If the tinnitus is only temporary, it will soon disappear, so don’t worry, many people have this experience. If it is persistent, it should go to the otolaryngology department, preferably a specialist with tinnitus, to rule out diseases related to the ear, especially hearing problems.

2. If no clear cause is found, that is, subjective idiopathic tinnitus, the patient must correct his or her own mentality. Under the correct guidance of a specialist, scientific and planned treatment plans for tinnitus, eager to seek or pessimistic disappointment are not conducive to tinnitus treatment.

3. For most tinnitus patients, sound therapy is effective and requires a patient acceptance process.

1) Patients with tinnitus should avoid an excessively quiet environment We all know that there are many sounds in the environment during the day, and in addition to work and interpersonal relationships, patients often do not feel the presence of tinnitus. Therefore, in the usual home or another quiet environment, you can open a little radio or TV to improve the background sound, to reduce the concern for tinnitus.

2) Listen to music and listen to music correctly in a planned way With proper acoustic therapy, most patients can achieve adaptation to tinnitus. This process is like we will hear the rain when it starts to rain, but after a long time we will “listen” to it, and the presence of rain even helps us sleep. The same is true for tinnitus adaptation. It is recommended that patients regularly listen to the sounds of nature every day, every half an hour to an hour, the sound and the size of the tinnitus are the same or slightly lower than the tinnitus, to their own comfort, so that the adaptation to tinnitus can be achieved more quickly.

3)We can use some drugs to assist treatment Such as drugs that help sleep, drugs that relieve anxiety, etc. (medical treatment needs to be prescribed). If the tinnitus is also hearing loss, it is recommended to try wearing a hearing aid.

Of course, if you feel that tinnitus has a great impact on yourself and you can’t even live and work normally, you should actively seek the help of a professional doctor, follow the doctor’s advice and guidance, and properly deal with tinnitus.

Post time: Jul-27-2021