How to choose a invisible hearing aid?

More and more young people like to wear headphones to immerse in their own world whether they are studying, working, exercising, commuting, or playing games, but they do not know that using headphones for a long time and large volumes will not only cause tinnitus, It will also cause irreversible damage to hearing.

According to the data released by the World Health Organization, nearly 2.5 billion people will have a certain degree of hearing problems by the world by 2050, and there is more and more people who have hearing loss in very low aging. These people prefer to choose to wear a super invisible hearing aid, but wearing a super invisible hearing aid, others really can’t see it?

The hearing aid is divided into ear back and ear canal, and the hearing aids are relatively invisible. Wearing deep ear canal and invisible hearing aids are hardly seen. However, the selection of hearing aids is not only to consider the appearance. The ear canal hearing aid has certain requirements for the wearer.

The hearing is very serious, the low frequency hearing, and the patients with otitis media are not suitable for wearing hearing aids. It is recommended to go to a professional and matching center. After the examination and audition, the supporter will select the appropriate hearing aid according to the patient’s requirements.

With the advancement of technology, hearing aids are renewed in the direction of intelligence and super invisible. The super invisible IIC is more and more popular, is the latest hearing aid that has developed in recent years and the smallest appearance. It is 20% to 30% smaller than the previous deep ear CIC. There is the difference as follow:

1.Power difference.
In terms of power, under normal circumstances, ITE is the largest. Because the size of the fuselage itself is relatively large, the talker that can be accommodated is even larger. The severe hearing loss of about 100dBs can also be used. The smaller the size of the hearing aid, the lower power. For example, everyone likes IIC.

Although it is extremely invisible, because the fuselage is particularly small, it is usually not used in hearing damage in the ear canal. If the hearing damage is very serious, but it is difficult to choose a small custom machine, it is difficult to achieve the effect and spend money. Therefore, when choosing a different custom machine, the first essence of the custom machine is to consider the degree of hearing loss.


2.Functional difference.
It is a very difficult thing to put on the talker, chip, directional microphone, etc. in such a small machine. If the space is limited, it also wants to adjust the volume, Bluetooth link, and the two -eared connection. Usually only ITE and ITC can do it. Especially in the directional microphone, it can be better reduced with it.

This requires the fuselage itself to have a certain size, so that the two microphones are in different places. Two microphones that are not far away on the too small body. The knobs and keys with volume adjustment also need to be placed. This is why it is not that the smaller the custom machine does, the better, and you must fully consider the needs and functions.

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Post time: Feb-03-2023