Introduction of Rechargeable BTE OE hearing aids

H Series are hearing aids that adopt digital processing technology to amplify the sound signal and automatically eliminates sound feedback.

lt is suitable for patients with sensorineural, conductive, and mixed hearing loss with hearing loss ≤70dBHL, it is easy to wear and operate. Two types of earplugs (closed and open) are available.

lt has a full-frequency intelligent noise processing system, which can be worn in different working and living environments. From H2 to H10, it provides 6dB to 12dB of different noise processing capabilities.

Two multi-function buttons, adjustable volume, and program switch, prefabricated 2 to 4 listening programs (universal clear, soft, masking tinnitus), easy to switch.

The cyclic rechargeable design solves the worry of purchasing batteries. The functions (volume, program, and sleep of the button control can be realized according to the different times (1S,2S, and 5S) to avoid the inconvenience of starting and debugging each time.



The shape of this sound amplifier conforms to the structure of the human ear canal, and it is invisible and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for listening not only in quiet environments but also in noisy environments.


Technical Parameters



Peak Gain:35.3

HFA Full-on Gain:30

Frequency Range:200Hz–5523Hz

THD at :500Hz:0.9 % 800Hz:0.3% 1600Hz:0.3%

Eq. Input Noise Level(dB):22.5dB

Battery Current Drain:1.41mA

Attack time(ms):4

Release time(ms):87


Sound amplifier charging

• Open the charging box, put the sound amplifier into the slot of the charging box, put the left ear into the “L” and the right ear into the and arrange the Earplug and sound tube.

• When the sound amplifier is charging, the indicator light below the sound amplifier lights up orange; when the sound amplifier is full, the corresponding indicator light goes out.

• It takes about 4 hours to charge the sound amplifier completely.


Charge box charging

•The Micro USB cable connects the standard-compliant power adapter and charging box.

•During the charging process, the middle indicator light of the charging box is displayed in orange; when fully charged, the middle indicator light is displayed in green.

•It takes about 4 hours to recharge the charge box completely.

•Charging indicator

When the charging box is insufficient or severely insufficient, you should charge the charging box in time to avoid affecting your normal use.


Sound amplifier charging indicator

Middle indicator of charging box


Dock in charging case

Orange light on

No light is on

The charging box is fully power

Orange light on

Orange light flashes

The charging box is power low

No light is on

No light is on

The charging box power is seriously low or the sound amplifier is not placed in the charging case correctly

Post time: Jul-30-2021