2021 New Digital Mini BTE Hearing Aids

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Easy to handle, Behind-the-Ear hearing aids provide the most amplification, making them the preferred solution for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

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●The Mini BTE hearing aids have 4 channels and 10 bands.
●3 programs(Common, high frequency compensation,low frequency compensation)
●Multi-channel noise reduction (9dB) Rechargeable
●Charging case hold 5 times full charges Wind Noise Manager Level 2
●Sudden Impulsive Management Level 2Max output control
●lntelligent volume record learning lntelligent program record learning Program switch indicator
●Low battery indicator




Channel 4
Band 10
Multi-channel noise reduction 9
wind noise manager Level 2
Loud sound block Level 2
Multi-channel expansion 4
Program 3
lintelligent wolume recording
lintelligent wolume recording
Sleep mode
lintelligent frequency spectrum anallysis
Maximum output control
Button Rockcr Switch
Program switch indicator
Low battery indicator




MAX-OSPL90 112dB
HFA-SSPL90 101.5
Peak Gain 35.3
HFA Full-on Gain 30
Frequency Range 200Hz–5523Hz
THD at 500Hz:0.9 % 800Hz:0.3% 1600Hz:0.3%
Eq. Input Noise Level(dB) 22.5dB
Battery Current Drain 1.41mA
Attack time(ms) 4
Release time(ms) 87


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