Rechargeable ITC hearing aid-2021 new style for sale

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Rechargeable ITC hearing aids have built-in batteries that do not require regular removal, compared to hearing aids with traditional disposable batteries.

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Introduction to ITC Hearing Aids

With the continuous development of hearing aid technology, more and more people with hearing loss are returning to the world of sound and feeling the great charm of “hearing”. In addition, different people with hearing loss have different needs for hearing aids, which has prompted the hearing aid industry to continuously develop new technologies to meet people’s needs, such as charging technology, chip iteration, noise reduction technology, wireless technology, Bluetooth technology, long-distance listening technology, remote fitting technology, etc.

Among them, the rechargeable technology introduced by major brands is very popular among people with hearing loss. Do you really know the advantages of rechargeable ITC hearing aids? Today, let’s learn more about the benefits of Spieth rechargeable hearing aids.

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Seven advantages of Spieth rechargeable ITC hearing aids

1. Wide range of fitting and high cost performance

2. Wireless induction charging, convenient and easy

3. Short charging time, long standby time

4. Provide 15 minutes fast charging

5. With LED indicator

6. Real-time observation of battery health status by fitting software

7. Mobile phone app real-time understanding of battery power

ITC Hearing Aid Wearing Chart

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